Gynecological Cancer Center

The Gynecological Cancer Center is currently certified by the German Cancer Society. In this center, patients with all precancerous lesions as well as cancers of the female genitalia are treated in an evidence-based and individualized manner. One focus is on minimally invasive surgery, including robotic surgery (DaVinci®). 

The intensive, collegial cooperation with our neighboring specialties such as general surgery, urology, anesthesiology and intensive care medicine enables the optimal implementation of complex interdisciplinary interventions, even in advanced oncological diseases. The subsequent drug therapy is completed in our day clinic and represents another important focus of our University Women's Hospital. 

All oncological patients are discussed in our weekly interdisciplinary pre- and postoperative tumor conferences and, based on the latest scientific findings, an individual therapy concept is developed.

The team of this tumor conference includes hematooncologists, radiologists, pathologists, radiotherapists and, in case of special questions, also other colleagues from other disciplines. We very much welcome the participation of practicing gynecologists and physicians in our conference and appreciate the direct, collegial exchange. 

Due to the possibility of participation in national and international studies, the spectrum of therapies offered is very diverse. This focus ensures that patients have a wide range of treatment options that go beyond the regional guidelines.

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