Breast Center

The Breast Center of the University Women's Hospital has been certified by the German Cancer Society and is part of the DKG-certified Oncology Center of the University Medical Center Magdeburg.

Our team will advise you individually regarding all benign and malignant breast diseases. 

The interdisciplinarity is lived through close cooperation with colleagues from radiology, nuclear medicine, plastic surgery, radiotherapy, human genetics and pathology. 

Unique Features:

  • We offer complete diagnostics of breast findings including staging.
  • The Women's Clinic has its own radiology department - therefore the diagnostic and therapeutic paths are short and patient-friendly.
  • The excellent cooperation with the colleagues of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University Medical Center allows an individual, highly qualified and professional reconstructive breast treatment of our patients.
  • Consultation in case of familial breast cancer by the Institute of Human Genetics of the University Medical Center.
  • The subsequent drug therapy is completed in our oncological day clinic and represents another important focus of our University Women's Hospital. This ensures continuity of treatment. Patients are cared for by the same team from diagnosis to aftercare.
  • Co-care is offered by the departments of psycho-oncology, social services and palliative medicine, as well as contact with the self-help groups located in the hospital.
  • Through our participation in numerous national and international studies, we offer our patients, especially those who have already undergone multiple therapies, an expanded spectrum of state-of-the-art treatment options.

Contact: 0391-67-17482

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